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My name is Sophia, and I am honored to provide nurturing, supportive and evidence-based Birth and Postpartum Doula care in South West Washington.

The cultivation & becoming ‘Mama Serving Mamas’

Nana, my mother, my doula

The name, Mama Serving Mamas came to me before I even attended doula certification classes. The name came to me when I was daydreaming of becoming a doula and was working my 9 – 5 job.

The name of my company came from the experience I had during the postpartum period with Henry.

Henry is our second child, and I felt pretty good about going into the postpartum period only because I felt like “I knew what to expect”. I knew I would need to relearn how to breastfeed. I knew dinners for our family would be very simple for a long while. I also knew that our home wouldn’t be as clean as I’d like. I’d give myself lots of grace because I was going to be re-birthed and would transform into another version of myself.

I was fortunate enough to have family close by to come over whenever needed for support. Ultimately it was the support from my mom without asking that changed the trajectory of my postpartum.

Mom holding henry at lunch during my postpartum so I could eat
My mom holding our son Henry, so I could eat lunch at a restaurant during my postpartum period.
Mom holding Henry at the river while I spent one on one time with Charlotte
My mom holding our son while I spent some one on one time with our daughter during postpartum.
My mom helping with Henry while I actively participated in our daughters dance classes during my postpartum period
My mom helping with Henry while I actively participated in our daughters dance classes during my postpartum period.

My mom mothered me into feeling like the most “normal” version of myself. She cooked, cleaned, swapped our laundry from the washer to dryer THEN folded it, helped care for our daughter Charlotte, rocked Henry so I could do little things like eat or shower. My mother was the parts of me I couldn’t be, because my time was consumed and devoted to Henry. My mother instinctually knew what I needed & what our home needed to function smoothly. Little did I know at the time, but after reflecting- it was very healing.

It was my mama serving me, the mama. I was becoming the best version of myself- all because of the love and support I had from my mother.

So the name “Mama Serving Mamas” hit me like a pound of bricks. When the idea came to me, I immediately called my mom. She instantly loved and approved of the name.

Mama Serving Mamas, doula services logo

Mama Serving Mamas: the logo

The doula in my logo is a perfect representation of me: hands on & with a bun in my hair. No matter how long or short my hair is, no matter how much time I have to get ready… my hair is in a bun, sideburns out… LOL

I love the comfort touch aspect in labor & the relief it brings to my laboring clients.

One of my recent most beloved hobbies is gardening. I have found that when I am tending our yard, I am completely rejuvenated and at peace again. Adding flowers to my logo was a no-brainer.

The flower choices were also an easy pick! The Larkspur (around the side) represents our daughters birth month. The Violet represents our sons birth month. My little mustard seeds and what truly what sparked my desire and interest in doula work.

Mama Serving Mamas

Battle Ground, WA

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