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Hi, Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Sophia Flath. I am a Washington State native, currently living in Battle Ground, with my husband and 2 kids. A few things about me: I am a member of a local garden club in Battle Ground, and am part of a committed bunco group. I can’t start my days without a cup of Stumptown espresso, I have a love of indoor plants and my favorite season is Fall.

I am positive that my love of babies, birth work, and mothering started as a child. One of my youngest memories was “pretending” to give birth. I would put my baby dolls under my shirt, run around the couch, “have” my baby, and then act as mother. I would sit on the couch and feed my baby. The full circle. Even as a child, every part of the process was important to me.

I am blessed and honored to be a certified birth and postpartum doula. Providing doula services is my life’s work. I have a passion to serve others. It brings me insurmountable joy to witness the most primal, life changing, intimate, coveted experience for many families.

My interest and start in doula work began when I was pregnant with our daughter, Charlotte. During our birth (her physical birth and my emotional, mental, and physical rebirth) I was fortunate to have my loving and supportive husband with me, and my nurturing, loving, cheerleading sister as my birth support team. In the moments of my labor and birth, it felt like I was going with the flow and everything was such a whirlwind.

It wasn’t until after Charlotte’s birth I realized everything I had gone through. I then reflected and realized, most women before me have endured the same thing and many women after me will too.

I had, and still have so much gratitude for the support I experienced from my sister, and my husband. I couldn’t help but think: every person giving birth deserves the same respect, support, and advocacy that I had. No matter someone’s identity.

I truly believe that birth and postpartum is the most coveted time an individual can go through. I believe that during pre-natal, labor, delivery, and postpartum, the amount of support the birth person and partner can change the trajectory of their new chapter in life.

It brings me peace, joy, and comfort knowing that my presence, spirit, guidance, and advocacy creates a safe environment. I truly feel that my commitment to providing excellent doula care results in the birth and postpartum experience my clients deserve.

Given the opportunity, I would love to see how my doula services can best suit you and your families needs.

With love & gratitude


Mama Serving Mamas

Battle Ground, WA

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